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EAG Report on Family Violence Released

July 03, 2014 at 10:19 AM

The Expert Advisory Group on Family Violence was convened in late 2013 by Associate Social Development Minister Tariana Turia to:

  • Identify oportunities to build and apply knowledge of what works nationally and internationally to address and prevent family violence
  • Encourage an evidence-based and practice informed perspective to influencing behavioural change
  • Consider work undertaken to date, and
  • Inform the development of an action-oriented approach for the government to address family violence. 

Their report contains 22 recommendations, which you can read here. You can read the government's response to these recommendations here.

Concurrently with the release of this report, the Government has announced a 'suite of initiatives' within the justice sector as part of long term plan, Achieving Intergenerational Change - A whole of government approach to address family violence. Read more about these initiatves here.

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