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DVFREE Workplace ‘First Responder’ - Virtual training

May 15, 2020 at 3:27 PM

From the NZFVC


3 - 4 June 2020






From $379.50 (Early bird rate ends two weeks before session). Regular rate $414

Specialist training to provide safe and effective workplace support for staff who experience domestic violence – during this period of social isolation, we are providing a new virtual training option for First Responders.

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Shine is now offering virtual training as a temporary option during the COVID-19 crisis.

What is the First Responder role?

‘First Responders’ are the staff within an organisation designated as the people to contact if staff are experiencing domestic violence and want support in the workplace from their employer. Read more about creating a safe and effective workplace response to domestic violence at And please refer to the FREE Guidelines for Policy and Procedures for specific advice on how to appoint the right people to be your organisation's First Responders. 

Training is critical to help First Responders be prepared to respond safely and effectively to domestic violence in the workplace, and also to help them understand their professional boundaries. This training will prepare your First Responders to: 

  • recognise possible cues and indicators of victimisation
  • respond appropriately and safely
  • make an appropriate referral to a specialist domestic violence organisation
  • work with an employee to create an effective workplace safety plan
  • understand issues around confidentiality and information sharing
  • support managers to intervene with an employee suspected or known to be perpetrating domestic violence, especially during work time or using work resources
  • clarify the appropriate role of EAP in a workplace response to domestic violence versus that of specialist domestic violence services
  • understand professional boundaries, that it's not their role to solve the problem, 'rescue' or 'counsel'
  • understand when and how to seek advice for supporting an employee.

Recommended reading

Shine strongly recommend that someone within your organisation read the free Guidelines for Policy & Procedures to help inform the development of your domestic violence policy and procedures. Shine recommends that you consult with them on your policy and procedures. There is a discount available to people who've attended DVFREE First Responder or Manager training: DVFREE 1 to 1 Policy Consultation by Skype. 

How the virtual training is organised

Virtual First Responder Training Sessions are organised in 3 parts for up to 5 participants at a time, no more than 2 from one organisation booked per session over 2 consecuitive days (see schedule above). Your organisation may arrange a virtual course for up to 5 of your own First Responders by emailing

More information about the two day programme

Note: Shine is offering a temporary virtual training option for First Responders, as explained above. Because in-person training is far more effective for such a sensitive issue that has been personally experienced by so many training participants, once it becomes safe to once again deliver in-person training, then virtual First Responder training will no longer be an option. If at that point, any scheduled virtual training is cancelled and there is a return to in-person workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, then anyone registered for a virtual training will be able to shift their registration to an in-person workshop.  

Check the website for future training dates. 


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