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Do you know of families who could do with some support to engage with their preschool children's learning at home?

March 02, 2017 at 6:10 PM

*From the Community Waitakere Noticeboard*

HIPPY is a home-based programme which supports parents in becoming actively involved in their 3½ to 5 year old children's learning. Parents and children work together using storybooks, puzzles and learning games which help children become successful learners at school.

Tutors, who do HIPPY with their own child, show the other parents what to do. They deliver a series of sixty activity workbooks through fortnightly home visits and group meetings. Parents then spend fifteen minutes a day, five days a week one on one with their child, doing the  activities.

Children can begin HIPPY between 3½ and 4½ years of age and participate in the programme for two years. They can do HIPPY as well as attend pre-school or kindergarten, and carry on when they start school.

HIPPY children settle into school quickly, love learning, feel good about themselves and are   confident. HIPPY parents develop closer relationships with their children and discover ways to help them learn. They build on their parenting skills, grow in confidence and realize that they can do it!

If you come across families you believe could benefit from HIPPY or want to findout more, please get in touch.

West Auckland HIPPY Sites:

Henderson/Sunnyvale/Glen Eden: Gaylene King-Turner

Ph: 09 8384820/0212328149 (MPHS Community Trust)

Ranui: Carol Tansey

Ph: 09 3905424/0212955630 (Pomaria Primary School)    

Royal Heights: Mihaela Enache

Ph: 09 6253754/0276674589 (Barnardos)

Kelston: Lynda Durbin

Ph: 09 8134949/0212676467 (Kelston Community Trust)          

Avondale: Elisa Niovara

Ph: 09 8286319/0223507748 (Rosebank Primary School)  

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