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Defending Women on Trial: Resisting the Criminalisation of Women

February 16, 2018 at 11:48 AM

*From the NZFVC*

When: Monday 5 March 2018, 5.30-6.30pm.

Where: Auckland Law School, Building 801, Level 3, Stone Lecture Theatre,
9 Eden Crescent, Auckland CBD.

Organised by the Auckland Law School, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.

Free. RSVP required. Register by 2 March 2018

The Faculty of Law invites you to a panel discussion on “Defending Women on Trial: Resisting the Criminalisation of Women”.

The occasion marks the visit to Auckland by international experts in the subject, who will be joined by our own. The panel will be led by the renowned Professor Elizabeth Sheehy from the University of Ottawa, Professor Tracey McIntosh from the University of Auckland and Associate Professor Stella Tarrant from the University of Western Australia.

The topics are:

  • Professor Elizabeth Sheehy: “Understanding Coercive Control in the Construction of a Self-Defence Case”
  • Professor Tracey McIntosh: “Issues for Maori Women in the Criminal Justice Response”
  • Associate Professor Stella Tarrant: “The Recent Australian Case of R v Liyanage: What Can We Learn From the Decision?”

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