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Children's Flexi Fund

February 19, 2021 at 2:19 PM

From Waitematā Police

Applications can come from any agency working with a child, tamariki or rangitahi through the WNPH process as part of a safety plan and see a need to support a child’s well-being.

Waitematā Police are happy to advise that Waitemata District has been allocated $87,869 from the Children’s Flexi Fund and applications are now open for eligible organisations to apply on behalf of children and whanau they are working with.

The ‘flexi fund’ has been established by Police and is aimed at meeting urgent, one-off support needs for children who are affected by family harm. This excludes support that can be accessed through existing funding or services. This fund is available immediately, however it cannot be used retrospectively. 

How does it work?

If you are working with a whanau on a family safety plan and see a need in relation to a child, tamariki or rangitahi (up to and including age 18) that is not able to be funded elswehere, an application can be made to the Children’s Services Flexi Fund. 

Applications to the fund must:

•Relate to the individual wellbeing of each child for whom funding is sought;

Be supported by the family and/or whānau -their voice must be included in the discussion of the child’s / tamariki’s/ rangatahi’s needs and this should be recorded in the Safety Plan;

•Come from eligible applicants;

•Be specific and time framed and NOT required on an unlimited basis;

•Not relate to existing funding or funded services / supports that are available elsewhere or from another agency;

•Include a quote or other evidence of the amount requested; and                                                                                                                                                                              

•The funding can be accessed if applied for by anyone working with the family or whānau as required.

Eligible children / tamariki / rangatahi?

Those who can receive services funded through this initiative are children, tamariki and rangatahi up to and including those who are 18 years old, who appear in family harm episodes (any episode role) notified to our WNPH site and have been risk assessed and / or triaged through the SAM table.

What is the fund’s purpose?

The fund aims to remove or reduce barriers preventing victims, perpetrators, children and their whānau from accessing necessary support; and/or provide a means of directly purchasing support that reduces the likelihood or occurrence of further family harm.

Who is eligible to apply?

Eligible applicants include:

Kaiawahia / Kaipupuri engaged with family or whanau

Police FHIT members or similar

Plan Leads

Police staff engaging with family or whanau

Oranga Tamariki or other agency child advoacates or equivalent working with a family or whanau

Non-government organisations or Iwi working with family or whanau

How much is available and what can it be used for?

A total pool of $87,869 is available. The fund will be available until fully allocated, or June 2022 at the latest. We expect that applications may range from under one hundred dollars through to several thousand dollars.

Elsewhere, the fund has been used for items such as children’s counselling, mentoring, transport services, stationary, uniforms, after school programmes, desks, camps (both school and private), chrome books / laptops etc, educational and psychological assessments.  This list is not exclusive, and if there are any doubts about what qualifies, please ask. 

What is the application process?

A short application form must be completed by the service provider on behalf of the client/whānau they are supporting. A copy of the application form, including guidance and eligibility criteria, can be downloaded here [insert Final Children's services Flexi Fund Application Form v2.0 - Copy.pdf]. Applications are to be submitted to the WNPH Director at the email address included in the form. We expect to advise application outcomes within 24-48 hours, and process payments within 5 working days.

Applications will be assessed individually and approved or declined by those with Delegated Financial Authority (the Approver) as follows:

  • District Prevention Manager - approval up to $10,000
  • Area Commander – approval up to $25,000
  • District Commander – approval up to $100,000


Questions about the fund can be directed to Kelly Farrant, WNPH Director, at

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