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Child Protection Studies Programme

February 05, 2015 at 10:48 AM

Child Matters are running a five day Child Protection Studies programme for professionals. The programme is a nationally recognized and NZQA accredited programme providing specialist education in child protection. March 2-6. 

The content covered in the programme is comprehensive and practical, and is designed to enhance the skills of those who have a responsibility or role in the safety of children.

It is also an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration with others who work with children in your community.


What will I learn?

Topics covered in this training include;

  • Understanding the nature and causes of child abuse
  • Understanding the effects and symptoms of child abuse
  • Recognising child abuse
  • What to do when child abuse is suspected, including how children are protected under NZ legislation
  • Reporting child abuse
  • Networks for protecting children, including a number of professional guest speakers from your community
  • Supervision and care of self


Is this the right course for me?

The Child Protection Studies Programme is suitable for anyone who works with and/or cares about children including:

  • Those who are new to the field and want to establish a sound, basic understanding of Child Protection
  • Those who have a responsibility or role in the wellbeing and safety of children
  • Managers and leaders responsible for policy development and the safety and wellbeing of their workers

Children rely on adults to keep them safe.

Cost: $650 + GST (includes course materials). 


For More information about this programme ot enrol, visist the Child Matters Website.

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