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Child Matters Workshop: The Dynamics of Sexual Abuse

March 01, 2019 at 1:25 PM

From Child Matters

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the prevalence, dynamics and effects of sexual abuse of children. Participants will also develop an understanding of child on child harmful sexual behaviours and the patterns of child sexual offender behaviour.

Auckland North: 16th April 2019, 9am-4pm

What will be covered:

  • Sexual abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand and legislation relating to sexual violence including grooming
  • Identifying the signs and indicators that a child may have been sexually abused
  • Understanding how the internet can be used to groom and sexually abuse children and young people, and action that can be taken to prevent sexual abuse online   
  • Understanding myths associated with sexual abuse and what the reality is
  • Understanding the effects of sexual abuse on children
  • Identifying how to respond to disclosures of sexual abuse and the actions to take when concerned about a child at risk of sexual abuse
  • Understanding child on child harmful sexual behaviours
  • The dynamics, risks and behaviours of child sexual offenders
  • Support the needs of children who have been sexually abused, their families and whānau and offenders when abuse has happened. 

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