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Child Matters: 5-Day Programme in Child Protection

July 06, 2018 at 2:23 PM

From Child Matters

Kia Ora

Child Matters recommends that every organisation/school has at least one Child Protection Champion. Our 5-Day Programme in Child Protection Studies will give them a NZQA Level 3 qualification and a broad base of skills and knowledge. Students will gain the confidence to act as true advocates on behalf of children in the future. This is a testimonial from one of our previous students:

“The course taught me many things, far and above what I had expected, such as the facts, legislation, signs and symptoms;

  • It taught me that we all have an individual responsibility.
  • It gave me confidence to recognise and report, to challenge and question.
  • It taught me to listen to what people are saying and what they are not.
  • It taught me not to assume that those with risk factors are being abused, or that those without risk factors are not.
  • It taught me that we need to provide help and support to prevent situations from escalating to abuse.
  • It taught me to ask “Is there anything I can help you with?” “What if?” and “How come?”
  • It taught me never to turn a blind eye, or think that it is someone else’s problem. 
  • It taught me that amongst all of this, we need to keep ourselves safe.”


The following training is coming to Auckland in July 2017……

 5-Day Public Programme in Child Protection Studies * NZQA Level 3

Numbers are Limited

Cost per Person


Course Date: 23rd – 27th July 2018

Maximum 22

$650.00 excl GST


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Please feel free to display or distribute the attached flyer.

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