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Child Abusers to be banned from children

August 13, 2013 at 3:36 PM

The Minister for Social Development Hon Paula Bennett has announced a series of planned responses to its White Paper on Vulnerable Children. This includes the Child Harm Prevention Order which will prevent child abusers from any connections or relationships with children as the circumstances of each case dictate. You can read her statement sent via individual emails here.

'..courts.. will..impose the new civil orders on people who are tried for serious offences against children such as incest, sexual grooming or sexual violation - even if they are not convicted of the offence. Teachers, CYFs workers parents or family friends, are all caught by this order.

Here is the link to that news item. In support, the Moari Party urges 'Whanau to step up to help prevent child abuse' in this press statement from Mrs Turia and Mr Flavel.

For a video of interviews of Ministers and MPs view here

Question is: how does this new law comply with the Bill of Rights Act? Tell us what you think?

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