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Centre of Community Research and Evaluations 2019 Workshop Series

April 05, 2019 at 11:28 AM

From the Centre of Community Research and Evaluations

The Centre for Community Research and Evaluation (CCRE) Pūtahi Rangahau Ngātahi is excited to share our workshops on offer during 2019! Many organisations are data rich, but they are often not sure of how to make the most of their data or the various benefits that organisational data offers. Our experts at CCRE are offering five workshops in 2019 to help establish your research needs and build your organisational research and evaluation capabilities.

Organisations need to know about:

  • The populations they serve
  • Their workforce
  • How to influence policy

Organisations need evidence to:

  • Improve practice, programmes, and other service initiatives
  • Determine service priorities
  • Meet reporting requirements
  • Comply with funder demands

Current challenges include:

  • Limited resources
  • Limited capacity
  • Limited opportunity

Our CCRE experts can help establish what you need to know, how to collect the right evidence and work through the associated challenges. We invite you to check out the overview of our workshops below and click the registration links to get started today!

***All workshops to be held at the Kohia Centre, University of Auckland – Gate 2, 76 Epson Avenue, Auckland, 1023

Click here for more information about upcoming workshops

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