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DV Bystander stunned into no response

June 19, 2013 at 3:33 PM

TV cooking celebrity Nigella Lawson headlines global news for her public strangulation by her 'explosive' husband forme PR/media mogul Charles Saatchi in a London restaurant. Despite the public display of this domestic violence diners and other bystanders were too stunned to intervene. Was the strangulation too shocking as to intimadate diners and bystanders? It is a very dangerous form of intimate partner violence. Whatever the reasons or stature of the partners- perpetrator or victim, bystanders can individually or collectively stand up to such conduct and declare it intolerable! We can do this openly and safely to avoid harm to self and other bystanders, or at least quietly call the police, or the security service in the restaurant. Read more of that news here

Category: News Media