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Brainwave Trust Early Years Seminar at Dayspring Trust

January 25, 2018 at 4:17 PM

Wednesday 7 February, 10am - midday at Dayspring Trust, 2A Seabrook Ave, New Lynn.

Programme Overview

The early years in your child’s life is a time of such wonder and excitement! This evidence based seminar shows you how your consistent, responsive, loving care through this time may shape their brain and build a foundation for future learning, health and behaviour. 

You will...

Discover why their early experiences are so important

Understand how your relationship and everyday interactions with them can help their brain grow and thrive

Learn what factors can help or hinder their brain development

Value the vital role you play in helping them on this journey


The seminar is for parents and caregivers rather than service providers.

For more information download the flyer here.

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