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Billionaire dreams of zero child abuse

December 17, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Owen Glenn

PASSIONATE: Billionaire Owen Glenn wants to end domestic violence in New Zealand.

Owen Glenn dreams of standing before the United Nations, waving a ground-breaking report into how New Zealand solved domestic violence and child abuse, and saying "here, that's how you do it".

Even if they just give him a 20-minute audience, he says, he'll be pleased.

The billionaire philanthropist says his "People's Inquiry" - that has just kicked off and, although Glenn is reluctant to talk figures, will cost a considerable part of the "up to $80 million" he's pledged to help fight child abuse - will certainly have a significant impact on the next election.

The report will be delivered early in 2014, election year, and Glenn has commissioned a communications firm to sign up 500,000 people to a petition demanding all parties support the findings of his inquiry - or lose their votes...Read More

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