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Better Blokes Referral List

November 06, 2020 at 3:20 PM

From Better Blokes

We are seeking a reciprocating referral relationship with practicing health professionals

Better Blokes is a free support service for men who have suffered Family Harm, largely, but not exclusively, in the form of sexual abuse. As part of our setting up of this service we are assembling a list of counsellors who are experienced and able to provide counselling or therapy for these clients. It's our intention that if the client is willing or seeking Professional therapy, to refer them to a matched professional in an area of Auckland of their choosing.

Better Blokes will be providing one-on-one peer support, and peer group support, to assist clients through this process so we seek a partnership of referral with you if that is appropriate for you.

Better Blokes:

  • Is a registered Charity
  • Is a free service
  • Supports bicultural referral and services delivery
  • Trains peers who have had similar experiences to support others.
  • Liaises with Family Harm networks
  • Our referral list is confidential to our service and our clients and will not go on our website

Do you wish to be on the BB Referrals list

If you are interested in being on a reciprocating referral list for us to use to refer clients to you, could you please fill in the details and reply to us by return email

 Name of counsellor/s, therapist/s



Address and suburb of service delivery






Experience with sexual trauma?



Registered with ACC for referrals?



Preferred modality or techniques for working



Other specialisms or information that you would like us to know



Please fill this in and return to us within your return email

Click here to download a pamphlet for more information about Better Blokes




Warwick Pudney

Better Blokes

09 378 8820

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