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A@W: Working Group Meeting

August 31, 2018 at 11:15 AM

From A@W

As you are aware there is increasing concern in the community about the increase use (and it’s impact) of synthetic cannabis. Last year we established a working group who focused on reducing the harm and use of synthetic drugs by young people in our community.  Anecdotally those working with youth in West Auckland have seen a positive change and the work of those in that group continues.  

However for adults, particularly homeless or rough sleepers, synthetic drug use is still prevalent and the impacts are growing in significance and frequency. 

There is a desire, by Police and those working in the community, to establish a working group, similar to the one focused on youth.  The purpose of the working group would be to: 

  • connect all those working with homeless/rough sleepers and those working with health, mental health, and in reducing the harm from alcohol and other drugs (AoD), community
  • identify what other organisations, people, agencies need to be involved
  • determining what information, resources, tools, etc are available for these groups to use
  • identify opportunities to engage with homeless/rough sleepers and how to maximise those opportunities
  • identify opportunities for those working in this space to support and strengthen the work of each other
  • identify any gaps in information, resources, tools etc needed

A meeting has been scheduled to help establish this group.  


1 - 3pm Tuesday 4th September 

Manukau Room at the Henderson Council rooms (next to the Henderson Railway station)



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