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ANCAD's COVID-19 Community Response - 7 Important Questions Survey

September 10, 2021 at 3:25 PM


ANCAD is conducting a survey and your input would be greatly appreciated. 
There has no doubt been an impact had on social services and the NFP community as we all attempt to find our way through this present Covid-response and lock down situation and to maintain, or to find, new and innovative ways to continue the mahi that so importantly needs doing. 
To better gauge where community is currently at, we’d love your participation in an important new survey here about the effects COVID-19 and the lockdown has had on your organisation. The survey has 7 key questions and asks about how things are going for you now, what your priorities are, where any 'gaps' may exist, and asks what support is needed at this time. 
We will report back on the community's answers in a general way after this survey closes*, so that you can learn how things are evolving and unfolding at this present time, so that together we can continue to build on our collective resilience. 
* survey closes Friday 17 September 
Thank you for your participation! 

Category: Research