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ACC commits $18.4m to healthy relationships education, tender open

August 31, 2018 at 11:13 AM

From the NZFVC

ACC has committed $18.4 million to making the Mates & Dates healthy relationships programme available in more schools nationwide.

Mates & Dates is a healthy relationship programme for secondary school students in years 9 to 13, delivered over five years. The programme aims to prevent sexual and dating violence by teaching young people the knowledge and skills to engage in safe, healthy and respectful relationships. The sessions explore human sexuality, relationships, gender and identity. They discuss consent, healthy relationships and behaviours, and encourage critical engagement with stereotypes and media. Sessions are delivered by independent sexual violence experts in a school setting. Students receive 5 sessions each year, so a total of 25 sessions. The Mates and Dates website provides further information.

The programme was piloted in 2014. Since then more than 37,500 students in 130 schools have received education through the programme.

The Mates & Dates programme has been available to schools around the country on a voluntary basis. In 2017, media reported 23% of schools had taken up the programme, leading to renewed calls by students and others to make violence prevention education mandatory.

ACC is increasing funding to expand delivery. Providers can register their interest in receiving funding to deliver Mates & Dates through GETS (Government Electronic Tenders Service). Current providers need to reapply. The deadline is 12 September 2018. For questions about the tender, contact

Following ACC'S announcement, some sexual health organisations and academics criticised using specialist external providers to deliver the training instead of teachers (see media links below for more information) and the suitability of the programme for all students including Māori. ACC has provided further information about expanding the programme, including a response to these concerns.

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